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kybun MechanoTherapy

In the 1990s, while living among the paddy fields of Korea, Karl Müller of Switzerland discovered the health enhancing benefits of walking on soft, supple clay soil. 

His aim was to work on that perfect paddy-field feeling and make it part of everyday modern life, both when standing and walking, as it has been scientifically proven that therapy on your back, joints and feet has a greater positive effect the better your feet feel as you walk and stand.

After 13 years of research Müller and his team managed to create a perfect imitation of the paddy-field feeling. He developed kybun Mechano Therapy,with its three components: the kyBounder, the kyBoot and the kyTrainer. With kybun Mechano Therapy you can bring the great feel and the effect of a soft, supple natural surface into your everyday life. Standing on the soft, supple, springy sole of the kyBounder and walking on the air-cushioned sole of the kyBoot exercises your foot and leg muscles with every step you take, keeps your body upright, relaxes your muscles, is kind on your joints and relieves pressure on your veins. The soft, supple material gives your feet full freedom of movement and strengthens them without tiring them out.



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